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Ceasefire Initiative Logo

Welcome to The Ceasefire Initiative – Ceasefire4Good!

Our site is still under construction, please excuse the mess. Once we have a handle on things, we will set out our immediate plans. As the website is live, but we are still working on it, consider this our very soft launch. We’re here, hello.

The first step to end any war is a ceasefire. The war on drugs is the world’s longest running war, and like any war, the best way to end it, is to first agree a ceasefire. Only after that, can we begin to imagine, and then build, a lasting peace.

Don’t worry, we don’t want your money, but we do absolutely want your support! There will be more info soon, on how anyone, anywhere, can help us.

You can look at our full introduction on the this page.

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Thank you.